Sign Party Playbook

"Thank you again for this absolutely affordable and valuable course.  It's worth every penny!  We have four parties being scheduled as we speak!!!" - B.L.

Looking for a way to bring in some extra income that's NOT dependent on you being ultra tech savvy or having to bug your family and friends??

After learning everything through trial and error, Dawn built her sign party business to eventually host over 600 parties, making an average of $10k/mo her first year, and now she's teaching you all the insider tips and tricks!

Imagine not having to worry anymore at the end of the month because you FINALLY have some wiggle room because of your little side hustle you started!!  This is exactly what I want for you! 

The Sign Party Playbook is the perfect guide to having your first party in 21 Days!  Daily Action Steps to get you started and going on your first party!  Perfect for beginners!

What you'll get:

  • Daily instructional videos
  • Actionable steps for every day
  • Confidence to hold your first party! 

Don't struggle alone anymore!  Grab the playbook and be off on your exciting new journey! 

"Thank you for creating such an easy to follow, day by day, step by step playbook! I love how simple you made the process. Baby steps! Nothing too overwhelming and you can easily start your business!" M.F.

due to the nature of the product, no refunds are given


$97.00 USD

Learn ALL the ins and outs of hosting fundraiser parties!  These are one of THE best ways to grow your business!  Learn exactly how to run them and who to ask to host!  This live recorded class is followed by a Q&A! Just $67!